HavgReAiDeAs for MIRID? 

Want to help MIRID serve interpreters all over our state? Want to be a part 
of real change in our state? Contact the 
MIRID Executive Board 
or Join a committee and be the change you want to see!

    MIRID is putting out a call for committee members.  

We need your help! 

Listed below you will find a brief description of each of the available committees. 

Please consider joining a committee. Your involvement is invaluable.

Publications Committee

REASON: Work with Publications Team in developing/updating/enhancing a variety of media, including MIRID website, MIRID Link Newsletter, and other media.

GOALS: Identify publication needs to stay current with technology as well as make recommendations for action by the Board.

NUMBER: 7-10 members is the goal

IF INTERESTED, PLEASE EMAIL: publications@mirid.org

Conference Committee

REASON: Allow for easier identification of upcoming events and related duties, aid in developing longer and clearer timeline for planning by Board work.

GOALS: Identify, schedule, and implement upcoming conferences.  Work in confidence with the chairperson to ensure that conference details are finalized and completed.

NUMBER: 3-4 members needed


Membership Concerns Committee

REASON: Assist in identifying membership concerns, including upcoming rules, regulations, and changes affecting the interpreting field and all communities involved (Interpreting, Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard-of-Hearing, and Hearing communities).

GOALS: Identify concerns of membership (and involved communities) as well as make recommendations for action by the Board.

NUMBER: 3-4 members minimum  (one from each region preferred)

IF INTERESTED, PLEASE EMAILpresident@mirid.org

Student Committee

REASON: Looking for a group of students to represent the various ITP's across the state.

GOALS: Identify concerns of students, formulate recommendations for action by MIRID, and present to the Board for consideration

NUMBER: 3-4 members minimum (one from each ITP preferred) and possibly a teacher or graduate for consultation/direction


Upcoming events

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