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MIRID Lifetime Achievement Award: Testing Scholarship 

MIRID has established a scholarship in recognition of all MIRID Lifetime Achievement Award recipients. There have been many amazing people in our state who have greatly contributed to and influenced the field of interpreting. The scholarship fund will award up to $100 to two (2) interpreters annually. The scholarship was created for the purpose of providing members who wish to apply for testing but are in need of financial assistance. The number of scholarships awarded annually may change depending on the financial stability of MIRID. 

Scholarship Amount:

   The amount awarded for each scholarship is the lesser of:

 $100  –OR–   The actual cost of the test that the recipient is responsible for paying.

Two scholarships will be awarded semi-annually. One scholarship will be awarded on June 30 and the other 
will be awarded on January 3. 

Requirements for each candidate include:

   Applicant must...

 Be a member in good standing of MIRID on July 1 of the award year
 Be a member in good standing of RID at either the Associate or Student level on July 1 of 
    award year if applying for the National Interpreter Certification test
 Be a resident of Michigan
 Be at least 18 years old
 Have successfully passed a written test prior to applying for performance test funding

A letter of intent must be submitted to MIRID and shall include

   Letter of Intent including:

 Why the scholarship is being requesting, indicating financial need
 What are your goals as an interpreter in the state of Michigan
 Explain your involvement in the interpreting and Deaf community 

Award recipients must submit test application and request for a testing date and site within twelve (12) months of award being granted. Reimbursement will be sent upon receipt of proof of registration for and proof of payment of the appropriate test. Verification will include a copy of the completed test registration form and a paid receipt from the test administrator or a copy of a cancelled check. This information must be submitted to the MIRID Treasurer within one year after the voucher has been received. The test may be taken at any time. The candidate does not have to pass the test to receive reimbursement.

Applicant is eligible to receive no more than one award for each test taken. If no award is received, applicant may apply again during the next award cycle. Recipients of awards will be determined by a majority vote by the MIRID Executive Board. Eligibility will be determined by applications, supporting documentation and financial need. 

Applicant must submit their letter of application and documentation to the MIRID MAL Mailbox (mal@mirid.org) by either June 1 or December 1 of that year. 


The Doris Watkins Workshop Scholarship

This workshop scholarship was set up in 2009 in honor of Doris Watkins, one of MIRID’s founding members and a long time Executive Board member. Doris mentored many interpreters in various ways. She was interested in doing something to help interpreters attend workshops which will help them enhance their skills. She will be missed by many of us. Therefore, we have established the following criteria for disbursement of the money to MIRID members.

Requirements for each candidate include:

• Must be a current MIRID Member.
• Must be in need financial assistance to be able to attend a MIRID interpreter workshop. 
   (MIRID cannot ask specifics about someone’s finances, therefore we ask that you apply only when you feel it appropriate.)
• Send a written letter requesting financial assistance to the MIRID MAL (Member-At-Large) 
           at least one month prior to the workshop.
• If MIRID can help, you’ll be notified by mail.
• Up to 50% of the registration fee will be provided.
   (NOTE: The award monies shall be directed to the workshop host and not sent to the individual.) 
• Applicants will be chosen by the MIRID Executive Board based on monies available in this Fund.
• A person is eligible to receive scholarship monies from Doris Watkins Workshop Scholarship only one time per year.

Applicant must submit their letter of application and documentation to the MIRID MAL Mailbox (mal@mirid.org).


The Dr. Brian D. McCartney Scholarship

Dr. Brian D. McCartney (July 19, 1950 - April 26, 1998) was the first Deaf Superintendent of the Michigan School for the Deaf from 1991 to 1997.  He also served as Interim Superintendent for the Michigan School for the Blind from 1992 to 1997. 


Available to Both Working and Aspiring Interpreters


If you are studying to become an interpreter, or are a working interpreter who is going back to school,
you may win $500 plus a one-year MIRID membership. 

Requirements for each candidate include:

• Accepted to, or planning to enroll in, the second year of a Sign Language or Interpreter Training Program

• States intent to become an interpreter for the Deaf in a one-page essay - to be included with application

• Is a current Michigan resident 

• Provides a minimum of two letters of recommendation

• Has a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better

Applications must be sent to mal@mirid.org by February 1st.  
Or you may mail three copies of application to MIRID Scholarship Fund, P.O. Box 1462, Warren, MI 48090
Include the application form, letters of recommendation, essay, and transcript. 
One original and two copies of the transcript are acceptable.


One scholarship is available for this current year. Under the discretion of the Executive Board, more than one scholarship may be awarded based on monies available in this Fund.

Contact mal@mirid.org for more information.

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